Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates change on a daily basis. Check the average mortgage rates to get an idea of where rates are today. Otherwise, Get Your Rate based on your mortgage pre-approval.

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Mortgage Rates

Your mortgage rate will depend on your program, credit, terms, down payment and other factors.

You can get an idea of where average mortgage rates are today by visiting Mortgage News Daily.

Or get a personalized mortgage estimate by clicking on the Apply Now button and providing your information.

Down Payment Assistance Rates

Minnesota Housing sets their rates and they do not publish them. However, you can complete this form and I will send you their current rates.

Or get a personalized mortgage estimate by clicking on the Apply Now button and completing your mortgage application.

When Will Mortgage Rates Go Down?

Many economists, including Fannie Mae and the Mortgage Bankers Association believe that rates will go down in 2024. However, the truth is no one can predict if interest rates will go up or down. Signs of weakness in the economy, a decrease in inflation, and a rise in unemployment would cause the Federal Reserve to cut the Federal Funds rate, which could lower mortgage rates as well.

For mortgage rate predictions, mortgage updates, and more, check out my YouTube channel to stay informed.

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